The H Resort Beau Vallon Seychelles

Location: International
Client: Emirates Land Group LLC
Completion date:
Website: Visit Site
Status: In Progress

The design intent of this project was to provide a relaxed atmosphere, with eclectic rounded furniture and a calm ambiance, in the midst of a natural setting. None of the furniture has sharp edges, facilitating a stress-free vibe. A common element found throughout the hotel is a ceiling fan with natural oval palm leaf blades, to provide comfort from the relentless Seychelles heat. On entering the hotel’s main reception area, the scene is very tropical. Tub lounge chairs that are made of handcrafted Indonesian cane fabrizio round rattan, cass maple cylinder side tables and a rosewood trunk coffee table introduce the wood theme which guests become accustomed to. The reception desk stands in front of a glass tesserae mural. Adjacent to the reception the All Day Dining, is sunken from the lobby with a wonderful view of the clear blue waters Beau Vallon Bay.

Beau Vallon, Seychelles
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