President’s Message

Untitled-3At Andres Escobar & Associate, we believe that success comes from shaping the signature design of current luxury brands and continuously seeking new trends and innovation to add value and raise standards to promote our client’s identity and vision.  By continuously pushing the boundaries in design Andres Escobar & Associates achieves unique projects.  Innovation means doing something better and smarter. We are always in search of this balance between form and function, in order to produce a result that is powerful, memorable and ultimately livable.  We are passionate people who don’t see design as a form of work: there is a human aspect to design, a happiness that comes from being able to help people flourish and develop their projects. This is how we measure success.

Therefore, we have a humanistic approach where we create spaces that generate a variety of emotions that can excite, soothe, arouse curiosity and inspire happiness for the users. We live for making our work move people and cause them to think; whether subconsciously or on a conscious level.  We are very attentive to our client’s requirements, who’s words often become a source of inspiration, allowing us to create innovative designs that are both pleasing to the eye and also sensitive to their needs.  We look forward to continue creating and executing new diverse projects and to keep you updated with our newest creations.

“Creativity is a gift that has to be allowed the freedom needed in order to achieve its greatest potential; if you put constraints on creativity; you are limiting how far you can push the boundaries.”  – SEVEN interview | June 2008