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”Holiday Inn Brooklyn in Maru Magazine”

”Eschewing a longstanding brand convention. interior designer Andres Escobar and his team have created a new design platform for a Holiday Inn in Downtown Brooklyn at 300 Schermerhorn Street. The recently inaugurated 14-story glass and brick hotel. featuring 245 rooms. is highlighted by a sophisticated aesthetic proposing a new experience within the hospitality group. “It was important that the design reflects the area’s exciting transformation.” points out Escobar. “From the moment guests walk through the front doors, we want them to be delighted by the glamour of the hotel. as well as its comfort.”
The lobby has been clad with natural walnut walls suspended over macchiato quartz floors. A reception area is highlighted by a backlit decorative chrome and brass metal grid detail that carries over to the elevators’ interiors. Other custom-design elements include several large crystal prism-shaped pendant chandeliers that refract light throughout the space.
Another surprising element is a fully landscaped greenhouse off the lobby with an atrium that is partially covered by shades to create soothing ambient light. Escobar has also designed a dark azure pool with a waterfall and glass wall overlooking a fully-equipped gym.”

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