3 Brewers

This is a story of a country, where once there was a village where a brewer originated: La Flandre, Northern France. This is the story of a simple idea “When we brew things ourselves, they are more sparkling”

The strength of The 3 Brewers’ concept is based on a long tradition and the perfect knowledge of the art of good beer.

There are 3 of them and all of their names begin with the letter ‘’B’’ but they also have another thing in common: A great idea!

As lovers of beer and cooking, they decided to open a restaurant with beer being brewed within it. It was a unique and original concept that attracted hundreds of onlookers at the opening and in September of 1986, The 3 Brewers wass inaugurated at the station square in Lille for immediate success!

In the menu, we find gourmet dishes, based on recipes from the North and of course, the homemade beer, The 3 Brewers beer! With more than 1000 hectoliters of beer served in the first year and more than 2200 hectoliters in 1988 (a record number that at the time which had never been reached by any French restaurant), the legend was off and running!

Due to this success, the company continues to develop. It is found everywhere in France: In the downtown core, in shopping malls and near multiplex cinemas, It has also ventured into the French Polynesia, New Caledonia, La Réunion, Canada and soon in Brazil…in short, The 3 Brewers are everywhere!


Les 3 Brasseurs Laval

Laval, QC



Les 3 Brasseurs Yonge

Toronto, ON



Les 3 Brasseurs Anjou

Anjou, QC



Les 3 Brasseurs Sparks

Ottawa, ON