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Luxury Midtown NYC Hotel, The New York Palace Finishes Second Round

defaultThe historic, luxury Midtown New York City hotel, The New York Palace has been a fixture in the Big Apple for decades. However, over time the popular hotel has started to deteriorate based on its age, prompting many who have loved this historic inn to petition for new renovations for the building. Earlier this month, it was revealed that the second round in what will be a total of $140 million in renovations to the building has been completed. The renovation is being spearheaded by the San Francisco based design firm BAMO.

This second phase renovation features some new additions such as the add-on of six different dining destinations within the hotel. The design firm used some previously unoccupied space within the building on the north Villard Mansion of the property to add some of these new culinary fixtures. This includes the new street-facing bar, Tavern on 51 and the new bar in the lobby Trouble’s Trust.

The new renovations also include a newly revamped hotel lobby and a new Towers Lobby for the building. The new main lobby will contain a lounge and an upscale place where they are not only able to be welcomed to the hotel but to find new places to socialize and unwind upon arrival. The spacious new Towers Lobby was designed to help provide guests with a warmer welcoming to the establishment, says the team behind the new design. The goal of the new Towers Lobby is to give the guests the feel of entering into a true landmark hotel upon entering the space.

By utilizing several styles to bring together a rich and enchanting feel into the space, the design team behind this latest renovation round is hoping to create a sense of style that will eventually fill the entire hotel once the renovation is complete. The designers have infused this new fresh, modern approach to the hotel while still staying true to the original aesthetics of the building. The entire design including the renovations in the lobby is designed to help the hotel maintain the same luxurious feel while providing a contemporary approach to its classic look. The lobby still boasts features like an oversized crystal chandelier, gold leaf ceilings, a large historic marble fireplace and other original fixtures that are surrounded by upgrades like a new reception desk and marble flooring.

Moving forward with the renovation, the public can expect to still see modern embellishments added to the hotel as the designers honor the history and the original design of the building. The future also includes the addition of two additional dining establishments and a few other tweaks before the renovation stage comes to completion this fall.