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A Look at How Cinema Is Inspiring Interior Architecture and Design

1385008-C-D_ArtCinema_Feature_MdWhile many people view the cinema as a place to go to see video based art in the form of movies, there are many artists in today’s interior design world that are taking cinema as the muse for their inspiration. The inspiration of film can be seen in a number of architectural structures, particularly in New York City, as the influence of classic cinema starts to meld with the world of interior decorating.

In some ways, the joining together of art and cinema is being done on a large scale. In neighborhoods like Brooklyn, you can see the influence of cinema in a quite literal way thanks to artist and cinema operator Harvey Elgart who collaborated with Italian artist and Brooklyn based artist Federico Massa to create a superhero-inspired spray painted art work in Elgart’s theater as the focal point of the establishment. This has been one of just the many ways that cinema has found its way into buildings in New York City, and while this approach may have had some street art influence, the opposite side of the spectrum can also be seen in the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City. Their approach to mixing the worlds of artistic design and cinema lies in their year round “Cabaret Cinema” evenings. On Friday nights, the Manhattan museum mixes martinis and movies with the art that is on display for a more immersive environment within their walls. The goal is to bring cinema and art together in a more “immersive environment” for its visitors.

On the Lower East Side, films have been inspiring art at the gallery space of the MINI/Goethe Institute Curatorial Residences where a gallery of film inspired artwork is on display. The exhibit is called “Celluloid Brushes: An Anthology of the Filmic Perception of the Artist.” There is no denying that inspired cinema design can be seen all over New York City, in all type of displays and the influences from this art is starting to meld over into the worlds of design and architecture.

By viewing cinema as what it is at its heart: a type of art, it can be easy to see how the influences of film are not only being seen as piece of artwork to hang on the walls but as art that can inspire design and lead to a whole new type of interior style. From elements from the actual theaters to iconic images from the films and the theatrical artwork themselves, there is no denying the way that cinema can influence design. Everything from film real pieces of art work to stylistically decorated rooms that draw their influences from films that depict a certain era (such as mod, mid-century styled decor inspired from Breakfast at Tiffany’s) there are all types of ways that design elements inspired by film and cinema can find their ways not only into New York City architecture but into the interior design elements of all types of buildings.