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“Unique, Luxury Design Approach”

Hospitality Design New York

Andres Escobar & Associates, an internationally-acclaimed design firm, recently completed work on Landmark Park Slope in Brooklyn, New York, a standout 12-story residential building. With 104 units, it offers a modern, sophisticated designed paired with hotel-quality interiors and amenities.

“The whole idea is that today, given the competitive market in high-end rental, you must give the end user a certain sense of pride when they arrive,” says Andres Escobar, Founder. “It starts at the very beginning when you come into the lobby, which has a hotel-like environment. It is very well appointed, with high ceilings, interesting fixtures, artwork and a sense of richness without being outlandish. It is a building that speaks to a younger market made up of young professionals.”

The firm, based in New York City & Montreal creates luxury design plans for residential, commercial, hospitality, corporate and retail markets.

“We are not really specialized in one particular field,” Escobar says. “We work on everything, from hospitality and corporate to high end condominium projects and individual homes and mansions. Essentially, that allows us a lot more mobility and brings elements from perhaps hospitality into projects that are more residential, for example. It is a little bit different than thinking in a very stereotypical manner on a project.”

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