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“LIC’s New Z Hotel Threatens To Become New Premier Boutique Hotel In Queens”

Z Hotel Hospitality Design New York

How The Z Came To Be

Many years ago, owner and entrepreneur Henry Zilberman came to the U.S. from Israel with very little money in his pocket and his own American dream. He started working as a gypsy cab driver and later started his own limousine business. In 1996, Zilberman purchased a vacant lot in Long Island City to store his vehicles. The neighborhood was still very much industrial and crime ridden during that time, so the decision had to have make good sense, as rents were a fraction of the price they are today. Zilberman was acutely aware of Long Island City’s potential, as he had experience with developing business in unlikely neighborhoods in his native Israel. In 2005, the surrounding area had already gone dramatic changes with the inclusion of many high-rise condominiums near the waterfront, and a plethora of new commercial space around Queensboro Plaza and the nearby Jackson Avenue. It was at this time that Henry Zilberman saw the opportunity becoming very clear. He began to conceptualize a lavish hotel with glorious views of the New York skyline. Zilberman worked closely with designer Andre Escobar and Managing Director Jon Eklund to mold what would become the Z Hotel.